Benefits Of Using A Bidet For Your Bottom

Benefits Of Using A Bidet For Your Bottom

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Before they made toilet papers available to the market in 1857, America had all sorts of cleaning methods. People used all kinds of things including newspapers, stones, leaves, corn cobs, lace, fruit skins, and hemp. Nobody even thought of using toilet papers until the Scott Paper company made it available.

In other places around the world, water is the most used method of cleaning the bottom. So it’s not a strange thing that you will see a lot of bidets when you travel to Asia, Europe, and South America.


Bidets may look strange for someone who has been using toilet paper all their lives. You might have seen all those peculiar contraptions next to the toilet. A bidet seems somewhat like a toilet, but instead of a flushing mechanism, it has taps.

This wonderful invention has been used since the early 1700’s. Starting from basins used for washing created by furniture makers, now modern bidets are sleek and adjustable. They will fit in your toilets with its flexible appendages.

These things are pretty simple. They shoot water upward to wash your private parts. Today, however, all sorts of functions are added. Take for example the self-cleaning mode, a heated seat, drying, and the deodorizing option. Plus, by simply touching a button, you can control the water temperature. When you think of corncobs and dried leaves, using bidets is not a bad alternative. Now if you already have a toilet, you can get yourself a toilet seat like the Kohler Toilet Seats.

Aside from cleaning your bottom, bidets also have a lot of benefits. Here are three of them.

Lessens Diseases

Whenever we use toilet paper to clean our bottoms, there are still a few bits and pieces of fecal matter left. These can cause skin irritation and the risk of spreading a bacteria causing diseases. On the other hand, water is better at cleaning your skin. A bidet helps in enhancing personal hygiene without you getting down there. With a hands-free bidet, you can decrease the number of germs transmitted when you incorrectly was your hand after going to the toilet.

Conserve Waste and Save Mother Earth

When compared to toilet papers, bidets are better. Currently, Americans use around 36.5 billions of toilet paper in just one year. Do you know how many trees are cut down to produce that number – it’s 15 million!

By using bidets, you don’t have to buy any toilet paper for your bathroom. Bidets are great at helping the environment.

Therapeutic Effect

Using a bidet means having a gentle way of cleaning your skin. People with sensitivities and hemorrhoids can no longer dread the feeling of toilet papers. Aside from that, a bidet is also excellent for a new mother who is recovering from childbirth. It helps nurture the healing process of the body. Lastly, for our dear seniors and those with limited mobility, they can control a bidet with a single tap of a button.

And that’s it for the benefits of using bidets. So what are you waiting for? Get one now and start getting a cleaner bottom.

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