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Credible Rehab Center

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Many researchers have found out that drug addiction is the most neglected disease in the world. The number of deaths due to overdose of drugs is increasing day by day. The major problem lies not in the treatment program but in the inadequacy of good rehab centers with well stuffed doctors.

Deciding on which rehab center to choose is a bit difficult. Although there are several efficient rehab centers like this one, but how about having some guideline in front of you? Here is a step-by-step guide for choosing the proper rehab center for a drug addict.

Step 1: Know your options

When you have to choose a rehab center, you have to select between two different rehab programs. They are:

a.       Setting: You will either attend the rehab as a part time or full time, depends on the setting you choose.

b.      Length: There are some programs that permit you to stay in the rehab center as long as you want, while there are others that have specific programs for a specified period of time.

Treatment settings

There are two main types of treatment settings. They are:

a.       Inpatient rehab: this means patient stays full-time in the rehab and overnight with major time prescribed to the treatment.

b.      Outpatient rehab: here the patients opt for part time therapy during the day and return back home at night.

Inpatient treatment is expensive and takes little more time. This is ideal for those who are addicted to drugs severely. Here, the patients need care for 24/7. On the other hand, outpatient treatment is quite affordable. It offers more flexibility. The therapy takes quite a long time. Although some severely addicted patients opt for outpatient treatment, but it is highly recommended for moderate or light addictions.

Program length

When you opt for inpatient programs, the program length is crucial. Generally, inpatient programs have a shorter length for programs than the outpatients. Inpatient programs require a period of one to six months. Generally, it takes 30, 60 or 90 days.

Outpatient programs can be either as short as just a couple of weeks or as long as an entire life. This is the reason outpatient programs are made flexible in duration, length and setting.

Step 2: Choose you rehab path

To determine what is right for you, consider the three main criteria:

a.       Your level of addiction

b.      Your budget

c.       Your availability

Addiction is a level of spectrum that ranges from mild to severe. Addiction is not like the two sides of the same coin. You need to determine what your level of addiction is. This will help you choose the type of rehab program that is suitable for you.

Next is the budget that constitutes the rehab program. Although the cost of the rehab should not be your primary consideration, but that cannot be ignored completely. Either you can offset the rehab cost or limit your choices of how much you can pay. Upon all these factors are based the availability of the addict.

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