Few Things That You Need to know about Dentures

Few Things That You Need to know about Dentures

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There are certain essential things about dentures that all of us must know as a general awareness whether you have used dentures or not. Like any other dental appliances, these dentures also need some maintenance. If you are using denture for pretty long time then you need to visit your dentist to check its present condition and get it repaired if need be.

It can break or get fractured due to pressure

If the fitting of the denture is not done properly then it can cause fracture. This can happen while you are chewing any solid food or if you need to put much pressure on your denture. Breaking or cracking of denture can also happen due to many other reasons too. Sometimes due to carelessness, you may drop your denture, which is also another potential cause of damaging it. However, dentures are usually made of such materials that can also be repaired if necessary. Your dentist can help you for your denture repair.

Your denture can also break if it is too old

Sometimes if the denture is too old then it is liable to get worn out. Due to this reason it may become very thin at times. In case, if your denture comes across any kind of uneven bite while taking your food then it may end up breaking. Also due to worn out condition of your denture, distribution of forces during chewing also becomes uneven. This can damage even if your denture has been fitted perfectly well. Not only your denture is under danger, but it can also affect your gum and bones of the mouth.

What are various approaches to repair the denture?

Denture repairs are usually done by relining them or by revitalizing the denture. Usually we do not notice the changes that take place in the gums and the bones under the denture. When this is noticed then it is too late. If the same is detected in timely manner then the dentist can add some material to make its fitting proper which is known as relining.

How you can take care of your denture

  1. You should be careful while you are handling your denture so that it may not get dropped by accident.
  2. Also while you are cleaning it then make sure that there is towel or any other soft material underneath, so that if it falls down then it may not get damaged.
  3. Visit your dentist regularly to check the condition.

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