Meal Replacement Products: An Unbiased Evaluation

Meal Replacement Products: An Unbiased Evaluation

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We live in an age where things go viral very easily and habits become trends unknowingly. A meal replacement product is a similar trend that seems to have picked up all across the globe. The trend is no longer limited to a certain part of the globe or to a certain demographic. It has caught attention of people on a global scale. It has triggered a fad and fascination that can be hard to compare.

So let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of some of the best meal replacement shakes and why they have fascinated so many people.


  • They are quick to make and consume. This means they save people a lot of time and effort that needs to go into cooking a healthy meal.
  • They help in weight loss. People who are struggling with obesity can replace one meal of their day with the shakes and reduce the intake of calories.
  • They keep people full. The meal replacement products contain proteins, carbs, fibre, etc. They keep people full and help them stave off hunger pangs that lead to unhealthy eating habits.

  • They are nutritious. It can be difficult for an average person to consume all the body essential vitamins and minerals in right quantity from the daily food. These concoctions give you these things in the right measure.
  • They are good for taste buds. They come in various flavours which keeps the taste buds happy and reduces the sense of deprivation. This helps people fight off cravings for unhealthy food.
  • They do not cause the stress generally caused by dieting. They do not make a person feel deprived or hungry all the time which reduced chronic stress and production of cortisol hormone that causes food cravings.


  • The vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibre are synthetically produced and not natural. Our bodies find it harder to absorb such synthetic nutrition.
  • Some products contain hunger blocking agents which can wreak havoc on our metabolism over the long term.
  • The products do not contain enough fibre compared to real whole food which can lead to digestion problems.

  • They contain added sugar, artificial colours, and flavouring agents which can cause inflammation in the body leading to several ailments.
  • They can also flare up hidden allergies of the body.
  • They eliminate the process of chewing the food which makes a human body feel satisfied and full with food.
  • They are not real food.

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