Remove Your Pigmentation – The Miraculous Way of Vitamin C serum

Remove Your Pigmentation – The Miraculous Way of Vitamin C serum

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Aging and pigmentation is bound to happen no matter how much you look beautiful. Don’t you want to restore the sculpted look of your twenties? This article will give the full view on how to look young with the help of the magic portion of vitamin c serum

How does vitamin c work?

Vitamin c is one of the potential vitamin that helps in cell renewal. Additionally, it works my inhibiting the melanin hormone for excess melanin production. It also rebuilds cells at cellular level and reduces the chances of oxidative damage. Additionally it protects the skin from the harmful ultra violet rays.

Chemicals that can be helpful

Vitamin c serum – 50 percent

Pure vitamin c serum, i.e 50 percent is a very helpful drug which not only removes wrinkles but also dark spots and acnes. Therefore, if you are having sun spots it can also be removed and moreover your pimples also get wiped out. It is a potent chemical which has been recommended by FDA.

High percentages of vitamin C create more collagen content and hyaluronic acid in the skin. Therefore, it reduces the thinning of your skin. As the skin thickens, the fine lines get erased out.

Glycolic acid along with vitamin c

This is perhaps the best vitamin c serum you can get. The composition works on every type of skin. Moreover it been recommended by number of dermatologists for sun damaged skin. It potentially reduces the melanin concentration in the underlying layers of the skin.

Vitamin C and kojic acid

Kojic acid is one of the most potent skin friendly acids, which is responsible for skin renewal. Therefore, you can apply the combination cream on your skin and leave it overnight. This is because skin regeneration is best at night.  You will notice changes from two to three months.

Sunscreen is always a must

You should apply sunscreen all time of the year, whether it is sunny, rainy or cold. Sun is the enemy of your skin. Doctors tell that most of the wrinkles occur because of sun exposure. Limit your outgoings if you are facing easy tan. Sunscreen will act as a catalyst and will enhance the results of vitamin c.


Last but not the least, reduce smoking and alcohol intake. These substances oxidises the cells in your body. As a result you run the risk of having wrinkles at much early age.

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