Sensory Deprivation for when Life gets Overwhelming

Sensory Deprivation for when Life gets Overwhelming

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Modern life is more overwhelming that it was in the past. Our senses are constantly stimulated. From the minute we get up in the morning, noise is coming at us. The alarm clock, kids, and traffic all make noise. Every one of our senses, however, is stimulate by something. Sights and smells can overwhelm our minds, as well. By the time you arrive at work, you may already be mentally exhausted. The influx of electronics and busy city life only makes things worse. There is nowhere in your daily life that you can escape from everything. Sensory deprivation tanks can restore your calm and energy.

No Distractions

A float tank in Joondalup can assist you in making an escape from the everyday. The primary goal is to give your body a break from reacting to the things around it. When you sleep, your body repairs itself, and your mind sorts out information from the daytime. Yet, you can easily wake up from this rest if there is a crying child, television noise, or even a loud thunderstorm. Some noise is anticipated, such as a hungry baby. This leads to light and disrupted sleep. Your body cannot repair itself well when rest is poor.  When you choose a sensory deprivation tank, there is no chance of the normal distractions disrupting you, and your mind can completely relax.

The Experience

The float tank is set up to make you feel as little sensation as possible. The salt water is heated to a temperature that is almost exactly like your body temperature. This gets you close to the sensation that nothing is touching you. There is no sound or light allowed in, either. Some may be concerned about feeling claustrophobic in the small tank. The experience is set up to relax you, making this unlikely. You may want to try a small amount of time the first few times you go into the tank.

Your Brain

Float tanks began as a project for research. They were built to help test the effects of sensory deprivation on the brain. Early research focused on the possibilities of anxiety and PTSD relief. People with these ailments have brains that are overactive in some areas. Severe anxiety causes excessive stress responses almost constantly. The idea for relief is to take the stimulation away that sets these responses off. Everyone’s brain, however, is racing to keep up with more information than we can process in a day. There is little down time in the modern world. Many people do not even get to relax for an hour at the end of the day. Your brain needs time to recharge.

Sensory deprivation tanks offer a short period of time for the brain to stop reacting to stimuli. The warm salt water is heated to match your body temperature to make it feel like there is nothing there. Of course, the experience cannot keep you from thinking. You must be willing to make your best effort to refrain from a stressful thought process.  It is meant to deprive your body of physical stimulation so that your mind can relax and catch up from the many things that come at you in a day.

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